How to be a Good Employee

Work is not a study.

Work requires not a quick answer but a right one.

But do not worry about possible errors in the work.

He is lifeless who is faultless (a proverb).

You need to work and if you make a mistake in something you should correct it and keep working.

After having made a mistake, correct it (Periander, an Ancient Greek, the Ruler of Corinth, 2600 years ago).

In course of time you will have production ties, connections. You should not neglect people.

Those who you hope for can ruin you but those who you neglect can save. (Aesop, the Ancient Greek fabulist, 2600 years ago).

The friend in need is friend indeed. (Aesop, an Ancient Greek fabulist, 2600 years ago).

Both at work and in everyday life you should be polite. People without politeness are usually making personal attacks and settling down to a course of conflict.

Politeness is symbolically conditional expression of respect to any person. (Berdyaev, a Russian philosopher, about a hundred years ago).

And now the main key word for a successful worker.

It is "an initiative".

It is "a gold word".

But more precise notion is "an initiative under the instructions of the chief".

If a lathe operator produces details for personal use on its lathe tool it is his personal initiative; he must be punished for this.

If the same lathe operator fulfils a plan and overfulfils it then it is an initiative within the framework of the instructions of the chiefs; he will be granted for such initiative.

If you want to do something for the benefit of the enterprise which you are working at ask advice of the chiefs first. Then your initiative will have:

a) approval of the chiefs;

b) the assistance of the chiefs and other workers;

c) perhaps, your initiative will be changed by the chiefs into more favorable direction for the firm by their point of view;

d) other positive factors.

You have to give 105-110 percent in executing the chiefs` instructions and you will become an important and useful worker. You will be promoted, praised and granted.

You will be happy at work. And we expect this from the labour, don`t we?

We spend eight-ten or more hours at work every day; it is a significant part of life why not enjoy it?

The majority of employees are working under pressure. They have been put on to do a 100 percent of job but only 90, 80 or even 50 percent of it is carried out and they pretend to execute it completely.

Such workers are not valued they are just temporary tolerated.

The dismissal of such worker is quiet natural for chiefs.

"To fly of the handle" on such worker is a normal thing.

Value of such worker in the eyes of chiefs is equal to zero.

There are a great number of such workers they are easily replaceable.

And it is not necessary to take care of them.

Those are the feelings of chiefs, and the subordinates often get the rough edge of their tongue.

Such employee does not achieve success in this firm, may be, he should change the enterprise or specialty to find his fortune.

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