First Job Hunting

Some first jobs are experimental when a young man or a young woman is searching. In the capitalist society job is a reward because there is a chance that there will be no job. That's why at first you shouldn't refuse this or that opportunity of getting it. Also you should not worry about the fact that the job does not meet your expectations: every job has its advantages and disadvantages. Working in the occupation you are not specialized in is also normal and quite acceptable.

The salary level is not principled for the first two-three and, perhaps, more jobs afterwards understanding will come with experience and your salary will be higher and conditions of work will be more comfortable.

Seek, and you will find (Jesus Christ).

And one more.

If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him. (Seneca, a statesman of the Roman Empire 2500 years ago).

I advice seeking: calling, coming to interviews, accustoming with the technology of job hunting on the whole. When having come to dozens of interviews you would have a better idea about what they really are, you would stop being afraid of asking questions, you would become more confident and as a result the employer would like you more it is exactly what you want!

When you are going to get a new job the unknown has already not frighten you you would courageously come to an interview and in the course of talking you would find out everything you need. There is no other way if you want to find something acceptable.

If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub. (Yamamoto, a commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II).

But, perhaps, you would not want to get a new job because something was not good enough for you during your interview.

It is such a wonderful feeling to make a choice you make a choice yourself and nobody do it instead of you.

You did not come to anywhere; your self-appraisal is rising and you become more confident and happy.

You are seeking and choosing and afterwards you have found the job and taken up your new duties with a great pleasure.

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