A Woman and Money

Earlier in the Stone Age some success in acquisition of food was required from a hunter for his tribe in the whole and for his family in particular.

Hunger leaves you little choice (a proverb).

Meat in the primitive epoch is an analogue of today's wealth.

But if earlier it was possible to achieve some limit in acquisition of meat it is impossible to achieve the limit in raising money.

Food that was got in the primary forest spoiled fast because there were no methods of keeping it at least for a week or two. In the course of time people learnt farming agriculture, grain could already be kept for several years.

Money (wealth) can bring profit to its owner for potentially indefinite time. For this reason one can hand down his wealth acquiring it to his children, grandchildren and so on. In connection with this, wealth is always not enough and one needs more and more. Form of wealth does not matter: whether it is gold or land, or real estate, or a title, giving the right for something.

When in a primitive tribe a woman made her choice she paid her attention to the choice-hunter`s health and success.

Nowadays a woman looking at current profits, future wealth, probable heritage of her children`s potential.

This is a normal thing.

Children must be provided with food (meat in the primitive society and money in the modern one).

But everything should be moderate.

Measure is the best (thing). (Cleobulus, a governor of an Ancient town of Lindos, 2500 years ago).

Immeasurable aspiration of a woman to someone else's wealth is a bad thing because in this case there are no thoughts about material support of her future children. If a man is greatly richer than a woman the finances will begin to play an important role in their possible union. Perhaps, a man will decide or see that a woman is interested only in his money then he can start to treat her as a flesh peddler according to this a variant of marriage is excluded.

Marry the woman who is equal to you and if you marry the woman who is higher you her relatives will rule the roost. (Cleobulus, a governor of an Ancient town of Lindos, 2500 years ago).

Foundation for love, a long-term and permanent happiness in a family life is an approximate financial equality of both future husband and wife.

Whereby, under the word "equality" I understand not a real equality of profits and wealth but equality within the meaning of expenditures and expenses.

For example, if a man has a monthly income equal to $1000 and a woman has a monthly income equal to $500 they are equal as a new car, foreign trip and other things for them are luxury articles but the buying of household appliances is a normal thing. If a woman has $10 million income per year and a man has $1 million income per year then they are also equal, as a car, a flat and a foreign trip are normal for them. While people are not equal to each other with the following incomes: $50 and $500 per month, $1000 and $100 000 per month, $100 000 and $10 million per year and etc.

As we can see it is unlikely that a true love will happen between a man and a woman absolutely unequal in their finance position. It is more likely that true feelings will bloom where there is no financial dependence of one partner from the other.

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