Life goal, Labour, Duty and Happiness

A man should not live without a goal. All our nature adapts for a purposeful labour: we may plan, realize and evaluate obtained results.

Purposeless existence is harmful: the roots of many vices lay in idleness.

Idleness is the mother of all evil (La Bruyere, a Frenchman, 350 years ago).

Men and women adapt intrinsically for achieving different goals. Indeed men can set "female" goals and women can set male ones. Male goals are searching something new in science, technology and culture and also organization and planning. Female goals are birth and upbringing of a child.

Before giving birth to the first child a woman faces a difficult choice: searching of a man who will become a father to her children. It is a very important choice because the future prosperity of mankind depends on it. Many stages of searching are performed unconsciously but this does not mean that the choice for a woman is easy. A young unmarried girl targets on so called relations that is love relations and relation of her potential husband to her children, family, work. Theoretically a future husband should love children (i. e. He should protect and look after them), work hard (such work ethic is a plus as it means that the husband will bring home a lot of meat money) and take care of his woman (this means care about the future family in the whole).

After making this choice a woman gives birth to a child and this becomes her life goal. A life goal that is equal to duty. A life goal that is endless.

First, it is necessary to grow a little child (or some little children).

Second, it is necessary that this young man (woman) will find his (her) partner and form a family.

Third, sons (daughters) should give birth to their children (they will be grandchildren to the women under study).

Forth, grandchildren should grow up and form families too.

Fifth, grandchildren should give birth to their children (great grandchildren for the women under study).

And so on. There is no ending. Woman cares about her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and only death can cut short her worries.

It is easier for women to choose a long term goal: the perpetuation of the species is their destination by nature and it is an endless job. A goal in woman`s life is more than her life and this is wonderful!

True great life goal must be more than the life of a man. If a life goal is less than the life of a man so when the man achieves it he should die, shouldn`t he?

If a man cannot find the goal which will be more than his life he is diminishing he is coming from one small goal to another one.

Everybody has its system of goals: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Short-term goals are immediate: the term of their achievement is not more than a week (month), for example, coming to the cafe, buying food and clothes, doing something simple such as planting a tree.

Medium-term goals are goals the term of achievement of which is longer: from a half of a year, a year up to some years, for example, graduating the university, writing a book, buying a car or flat.

Ideally long-term goals must be more than human life. In regard with this it is more difficult for men than women. Men target "outside of the family", that is why they are searching for a goal in the society and art: they try to achieve more power, earn a lot of money, realize themselves in art, find success in sport or achieve in something unique and extraordinary (many such things are in the Guinness Book of Records).

Many men cannot choose a long-term goal that will be after their heart. Such people stint themselves of medium-term goals and as long-term goals they take "female" ones taking care and upbringing of children.

The greater and more difficult the goal is the more energies you should funnel to achieve it and the man gets more happiness by achieving it or taking a step closer to its achievement.

A lot of energy and effort were spent but what for?

Because you want so, don't you? Yes, because you want this most of all! There is such motivation.

But the most dependable motivation is a duty.

You must!

Your children should not be hungry and be successful people. This is the rule.

With this motto people fight for "a piece of bread" - money and power, competing in cruelty with the wild animals.

Others recognize their duty in a generous service to people.

Duty is a respect to the rights of others (Kant, a German philosopher, 300 years ago).

Everybody recognize his duty in his own way. Everybody chooses a duty for himself: sometimes by himself and sometimes with the help of parents, friends and chiefs.

Duty and wish often intertwine one into another. Let`s take, for example, emigration. An emigrant says that he leaves the country because he wants to give better life to his children. This is true. Also an emigrant thinks that his life would be easier and more comfortable in the new homeland. This is also true but sometimes it is too difficult to say this truth. That is why an emigrant goes away leaving his motherland, language, culture and friends.

(By the way, if an emigrant settles worth in a foreign land than at home he will not tell about this to his friends and relatives and keep in touch with them in order that they do not think that he is a loser. For this reason there is a myth about the fact that everybody without exception who went away is happy).

If you can choose a long-term goal for yourself in accordance with your duty and if your goal will be more than your life you will be happy all your life because small miseries will not interfere with you!

Labour abates the pain (Seneca, a rich man, the statesman of the Roman Empire 2500 years ago).

Look for more global and higher goal. You may not find it but searching it is better than drinking vodka and watching TV.

The road to happiness lies through labour. You should work for the goal. True goal does its duty. The duty is a continuation of your nature and upbringing.

Think about your life, man, and you will be happy!

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