Behavior of a Professional Lover and a Future Wife

Here is a situation. A young man and a girl were going to go to a concert. Before it they decided to sit at the cafe. The distance between the cafe and the place where the concert would be is 5-10 minutes of taxi driving or 15-20 minutes of walking. After the cafe the couple decided to walk on foot.

Add the problem: it is impossible to eat in the cafe (it is closed, there are no empty spaces, and a drunken company enjoys themselves or something else).

So the lover's behavior: to be worry about the fact that it is impossible to be in this cafe; to be extremely affected, to look for another cafe-restaurant for a long time, to find, to be dissatisfied (with service, menu, society and so on), to play for time, to have no time for walking, to make the boyfriend to take a taxi, to wait for it and to come to the concert in the very nick of time.

The general result: the young man must be guilty towards her. The main thing is a sense of guilt: it is necessary to make him owing to her by all means. He must understand that it is necessary to reclaim the fault of the unhappy evening, of her bad mood. He owes her and she does not forget that he will compensate his "owing". He must always walk around her little finger. He will compensate "sufferings" with the elements of beautiful life (money expenses on her) and with his time (chattering on the phone, silly orders and etc.).

The probability of marriage with such her behavior and consumer attitude towards the man is small.

Even if a professional lover got married she would be still deciding whom of the couple owe to the other and what he or she owes and she "would owe less" in her eyes. Such marriage is short-life.

And now behavior of a future wife: to find another cafe, to eat with pleasure; to control the time calmly, remember the boyfriend that it is already time to go; to go out in plenty of time, to walk with pleasure, to come to the concert on time and to sit without ruffle or excitement.

The marriage with such girl has all chances to be long and happy.

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