A Beautiful Woman

Who is a beautiful girl (woman)?

A beautiful woman is a young woman or girl in an ideal state to give birth to a child.

Everybody heard such phrase: "He is 40-45 years old, he quitted his wife and moved to 20-25-year old girl". But nobody heard: "He is 40-45 years old, he quitted his wife and moved to an attractive woman 50-55 years old."

Young girl can give birth to a child by this she attracts a man.

A beautiful girl has an ideal figure and proportions.

But what do they mean?

Neither big nor small breast means that a woman will have enough milk and she will successfully nurse a child.

An ideal shape of hips tells that a woman can relatively easily deliver a child her hips are just of perfect size.

Soft roundness of a female body shape tells about existence of muscles and some layer of subcutis. This is good. Muscles help to carry a child and then to carry a baby in her arms, to walk with him and etc.

A healthy color of skin tells about health. Her posterity will be healthy and strong. Pale skin with greenish color, weary, lacklustre eyes what mother will she be if she is ill?

Smoking, drinking alcohol (I am not saying about drugs) is very terrible for a girl.

Smoking is a pernicious habit and a smoking woman is several times less attractive for a man in the role of future mother. Whom will she give birth to when her foetus is stifled by nicotine, smoke and different tobacco tars? Perhaps, she will be interesting to men as a lover a temporary partner from a men`s point of view.

Alcohol is harmful to health and it is very harmful for little baby. Whom will a drinking woman give birth to? To future drinkers or alcoholics? No man wants this.

Certainly during the pregnancy and breast feeding a woman can give up smoking and sign off drinking but it is most likely that it will not be so as a girl was drinking and smoking before the wedding so she will be smoking and drinking during the pregnancy, breast feeding and later. A man takes great risks when he tries to believe in words of his choice, believe that she will not be drinking and smoking during the pregnancy.

But a beautiful woman is not such a risk!

As we can see a really beautiful girl may be called a young girl who does not smoke and drink, she is healthy and has regular body shapes.

A woman with kilos of cosmetics and who has very expensive dresses is not beautiful but bright and brilliant.

That is why many bright "beauties" wonder why their men look on them as lovers and why their men marry unbeautiful women. They are not "unbeautiful" they are just not bright but they are quite beautiful as future mothers of healthy children.

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